We’re happy to introduce the NWK Tumblr Book Club! (We asked, and you answered!)

After consulting with our brilliant books editor, we selected 5 titles from our “Best Summer Reads of 2012” list. Now it’s up to YOU to pick which of the 5 we read first. We’ll announce your pick later this week, and let’s plan to start reading next week (July 2nd)! 

It’s happening! Get up in our book club, tumblr! You’ve got a few days to vote and tell us which book we’re reading for July. AND! Make sure to follow the NWK Book Club tumblr for updates, discussion points, questions, #readingfaces, etc.

YES! Paging Rachel F.

I vote for Capital, though Bring up the Bodies is the book of the year so far.

Team Capital, though I’m technically abstaining myself from the vote.

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    I voted for The Red House.
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    Such a hard choice—can’t wait to see who wins!
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    Great idea! Vote for The Red House.
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    Vote for GOLD!
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    Yet another publisher makes their case! Have you voted yet?
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